Hey, one of my raver acquaintances told me that you have to know how to shuffle in order to wear kikwear or phat pants. I told them that's not true but now Im having second thoughts about wearing the ones I made. :T


Absolutely not true! They get great air flow and help you cool down. That’s why people wear them.
Those things just also happen to be great for dancers. I don’t think any of the people I know that wear phat pants on a daily/regular basis actually shuffle. A large percentage of the people I know who wear them just to raves don’t shuffle either. I don’t. Especially with Kikwear or homemade phats. Those tend to be more of the kandi kid style. The kind with the reflective pieces and suspenders are definitely favorites of hardstyle/Melbourne shufflers, so people might assume. It isn’t some requirement for wearing them.
They do make it look badass, though haha